Dying City in Toronto

Robert Cushman, National Post: In 80 minutes’ playing time, the play brings its relationships fully to life, including the one between two people who, for obvious reasons, can never meet. It also summons a whole world, both material and intellectual, beyond the room, the political playing itself out through the personal.

Naomi Skwarna, Toronto Standard: A sly exploration of identity politics and the hounding force of memory. The dialogue is deceptively casual; it’s light-sounding, but loaded with meaning from beat-to-beat.

Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter: Playwright Christopher Shinn digs deep into the hearts and minds of siblings, certainly twins, relationships and the secrets even people who are close, hide from each other.

Jon Kaplan and Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine: Christopher Shinn’s script, sometimes intense and sometimes comic, explores the desires of each character, the need both to love and be loved. A successful look at the stop-and-start nature of human affection and the difficulty of reclaiming those once close.


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