How Can Your General Liability Insurance Cover Your Hired Auto For Construction?

In California, most of the construction business owners are well aware of the concept of auto insurance, and thus they always look for a good GLI product that can give them auto insurance coverage too. With this, they can easily avoid the big expenses that can arise due to the accident in the workplace. Starting from the vehicle repair cost to medical expenses of the victim, you can pay off everything from the insurance coverage itself. But what if you have vehicles that you have hired form a different source and not belong to your company? If your non-owned or hired vehicle meets with an accident in the workplace, then who will pay the cost of the repair or the medical expenses of the victim? Certainly, your conventional auto insurance not covers these expenses. This is the reason for this kind of cases you have to take the help of the non-owned auto coverage from your general liability insurance company.

Include hired auto coverage in your GLI bonds                                    

There is no guarantee that when your employees use their vehicle or hired vehicle for your business work, then they will not meet with an accident. If it happens, then you have to face big expenses to compensate for the damages to the vehicle or for the medical expenses of the victim which will eventually eat up a larger part of your business capital. This is the reason now every construction business company adds the auto coverage for hired and non-owned auto clause to their general insurance bonds.

If you add this clause to your GLI bond then in the event of an accident with your hired vehicle for construction job your general insurance can take the responsibility to pay off the charges. Though it is true that for that you have to shell out a more money but on the other hand with this step, you can easily save your company form big losses. By asking your general insurance provides you can add this auto coverage to your policy and work at peace.